7 Tips for Effective 2019 Facebook Marketing Strategy in Australia

Social media sites are continually changing their algorithm to personalize what users see in their feed. Right? Facebook’s significant algorithm change in 2018 followed removal of 5000 ad-targeting options that left many brands striving to gain recognition and engagement on the platform. Today, we will show you some notable changes you should make to your Facebook marketing strategy to establish a brighter future for your business in 2019.

Serious marketers who rely on Facebook insights to help form content plans and advertising budgets to boost eCommerce sales should consider Facebook Ads. However, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to pay to get organic traffic on social media platforms, but you don’t want to throw money for ads that won’t convert to sales.

E-commerce websites can utilize Facebook Ads at any stage of their sales funnel and build a better brand, increase margin profits and scale their businesses. Your social media strategy will guide you in keeping your Facebook marketing on the right track. Here are seven essential and straightforward tips that will allow you to drive more sales in Australia right now.

Step Up Your Facebook Engagement Rates

As the overall Facebook engagement continued to drop for most brands in 2017 and 2018, the average engagement per post also dropped by 65 percent. To improve engagement on Facebook you need to publish more than once a day and take advantage of higher engagement rates.

Besides, the most successful brands in online business publish 4-5 times posts per day providing quality content for increased engagement and business activity. When done correctly, content marketing and Facebook Ads can be a robust blend.

Using different content on different types of potential clients will also increase your chances of encouraging them towards the buying stage. The more they interact with your brand, the more they’ll want to purchase products from you.

Besides, with Facebook stories, live, image, and video posts, you can offer your brand a Facebook marketing content strategy endless opportunities. The content you create should be compelling, exciting or valuable to your target audience.


Use Stunning Images for Your Facebook Ads

Just like the way quality content is the main mantra when ranking pages, quality images also follows closely in search engine ranking. The pictures you use in your Facebook Ads should be bright, full of color and eye-catching.

Incorporate consistency and have the right size image for the ad type you have selected. Women do better when it comes to advertisements on Facebook. Post photos that can drive two or three times more engagement, real images of real people tend to get more clicks. Beautiful pictures highlight your brand’s creative side.

Target Cart Abandonment

Most visitors who get as far as adding an item in the cart and then abandon it before checking out are an essential pool of potential sales. People who leave their cart may need a small nudge to complete their order. 

You can target cart abandonment by creating a Facebook ad that asks your audience whether they’ve forgotten to buy your item. You can also offer a discount to lure the potential customer and convert them. Remember, someone who abandoned their cart yesterday is more accessible to convert than someone who abandoned their cart several weeks ago.

Publish Short Vertical Videos to Increase Post Engagement

The ideal video watching length for Facebook users is between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Additionally, more than 90 percent of Facebook users who utilize their mobile devices to view vertical videos. Therefore, ensure that you make it easy for your viewers to watch videos in a vertical format for more engagement and increased conversion.

Besides, web users consider brands that use vertical formats when creating Facebook marketing content as being “more innovative.” If you create a highly persuasive Facebook vertical video ad for your product page, you can turn visitors into buyers.

Additionally, video reviews work well as social proof for your brand. 

Upsell Your Current Clients

Upselling will help increase your sales margins by targeting people who have an interest in your products. Segmenting emails to sell additional products to existing customers is an excellent way of Facebook advertising.

Additionally, Facebook ads encourage customers to make repeat purchases for increased profit margins. You can also build a referral program through a Facebook ad that offers your existing customers a discount in exchange for a referral.

Drive Sales with a Contest

Everybody loves to win something in a contest. Right? Facebook contests are an excellent way to drive sales and also encourage customers to spend more. Competitions will allow your customers and potential clients to interact with your brand and offer value since people will need to visit your eCommerce online store to redeem their prizes.

This way, you’re able to create captivating Facebook ads for contest, where you get to pick your start date, end dates and “Terms & Conditions.”

Create a Product Gallery

You can use your Facebook platform to showcase goods directly to your audience with prices, images and buy buttons on each product you want to promote which will help you capture impulse buyers. Besides, if you have a Shopify online store, you can integrate your Facebook’s product gallery.

Additionally, use the engaging and catchy copy in your ads to capture the attention of your potential clients with the first few words. Your text and images should tell a story about your brand eliciting emotions through the use of emojis. But don’t overthink what words you’ll use for your copy, use powerful words and keep it brief and to the point.

Facebook Marketing


When moving into your Facebook marketing strategy, consider maintaining a healthy balance of content types like videos, images, high-quality content, and target cart abandonment among other robust approaches we’ve discussed here. An excellent Facebook strategy should have clear goals defined by your sales funnel.

Besides, if you want to increase the rate of engagement, you should post content four to five times daily consistently until you acquire a frequency. Additionally, you need to establish which performance indicators you will use to track success.

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